Dutch Thrombosis Network

Dutch Thrombosis Network (DTN) is an independent, not-for-profit network of academic and nonacademic clinical and basic researchers in thrombosis.  DTN exists to promote national collaboration between academic and nonacademic researchers that conduct venous thromboembolism (VTE) related clinical research, and to enhance the profile, science, and impact of investigator-led VTE clinical research.  DTN seeks to enable research by its members and to promote a culture of curiosity, scientific rigor and social responsibility in the conduct of VTE clinical research. 

Internationally, DTN is connected via INVENT-VTE, International Network of VENous Thromboembolism Clinical Research Networks. Participating members include CanVECTOR (Canada), INNOVTE (France), Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis (Germany), TRIP (Italy), Norwegian Thrombosis Network, THANZ (Australia and New Zealand), VENUS (USA) and the Spanish VTE research network.



Dutch Thrombosis Network



Prof. dr. M.V. Huisman - chair

LUMC, department of Thrombosis Hemostasis

PO Box 9600, 2300 RC Leiden



Prof. dr. S. Middeldorp - chair

AMC, department of Vascular Medicine

PO Box 22660, 1100 DD Amsterdam



Dr. G.J. Geersing - secretary

UMC Utrecht, Julius Centrum

PO Box 85500, 3508 GA Utrecht



Mw. M.D. Doop-Hamer - management assistant

LUMC, department of Medicine

PO Box  9600, 2300 RC Leiden

E-mail: info@dutchthrombosisnetwork.org